Are Sauna's Still Popular?

The popularity of saunas are still dramatically on the rise, all around the world. Across Europe, the UK and the United States, steam bath and dry saunas are popular because of their many health benefits. Hot dry saunas can be found at health resorts, fitness clubs and spas.

The Health Benefits

The many health benefits you receive my using a sauna on a regular basis includes an improved immunity. The heated air in a dry sauna naturally increases the production of disease-fighting white blood cells. The heated temperature of the air makes your body react similar to a fever, increasing white blood cell production, which improves immunity and helps fight off disease.

Regular use of your sauna produces heavy sweating that eradicates harmful toxins and chemicals, while it purifies your skin. The high heat raises your heart rate, and improves the circulation of your blood while it increases your metabolic rate. The heat makes you feel more relaxed, loosens your tightened muscles, and releases tension/stress, while lowering your blood pressure. The overall benefit is a therapeutic feeling of rejuvenation and an overall sense of improve well-being.

Benefits to Your Skin

The high heat causing excessive sweating provides benefits to your skin that include a deep cleansing. The heat naturally opens skin pores and releases dirt. It improves the circulation of blood at the skin level, and provides relaxation of the tense muscles on your face. It helps the process of manual exfoliation assisting in the removal of dry and dead skin. Overall, using your sauna regularly will provide a clearer complexion.

Other Benefits

Using your sauna on a regular basis can help induce a deeper sleep at night. The heated air releases endorphins, raises body temperature, which results in a slow relaxing decline of hormones, and facilitates a natural sleep cycle. Many individuals around the world can produce a deep sleep experiences after bathing in the calm heat of their sauna.

Claims have been made that using your sauna can help sweat off 500 grams in a single sauna session, which can translate to 300 calories. This is due to acceleration of heart activity, demanding more oxygen and converting calories into usable energy.

The popularity of saunas is still on the rise because they are good for your body, and make you feel good too. Whether the result is a psychological change, or just the calming effect it provides, you will experience a restoration and relaxation of your body, every time you use your sauna.