Northern Lights NL2519 V Sauna

Product Type: Sauna Kits

This luxurious sauna kit will add to the allure of any home and can accommodate many people for sauna bathing in style.  With fine wood elements crafted in Finland, this sauna is loaded with features sure to provide the ultimate sauna experience. The precision can be seen in every detail of this sauna, from the top and lower benches that are equal in length, to the unique angular design and floor plan of the sauna. The inside is spacious and is powered by a 6 kilowatt sauna heater that will adequately heat the room to what is considered the desirable temperature range of 140-190 degrees Fahrenheit.  The heater has a surface that accommodates a large amount of rocks, which insures a steady and uniform delivery of steam throughout the sauna. This sauna comes complete with an air circulation system that evens the temperature and softens the effect of the steam on the body.