Polar Sauna Heaters

Product Type: Sauna Heater
Brand: Polar

Polar sauna heaters represent years of dedicated design and flawless manufacturing to re-create the authentic Finnish sauna experience. Polar sauna heaters use heating elements made of low resistance stainless steel and provide a large rock space for intense and even thermal power. There are models that are available with built in controls or a separate remote control panel, depending on your preference. Polar sauna heaters are built with durability in mind. Each heating unit has a triple wall construction which means low surface temperatures for maximum safety of users. The rock container and outer casing are constructed of an aluminum-zinc alloy which results in better thermal conveyance. The Polar sauna heater is built with a tradition of years of excellence in construction and design. Each model has been time tested and meets the rigorous standards of efficiency and safety. A Polar sauna heater provides users with the ultimate in efficient and enjoyable sauna experiences.

Learning about saunas

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