Sauna Kits Review Guide

Saua Kits are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to install and start using your own home sauna.  Some kits claim that you can be enjoying your first sauna in under 2 hours!

Most of these kits are come in panels that you assemble in your home where you want your sauna.  The kits for the most part include everything that you will need.  

The downside of sauna kits is that usually the space most be designed to fit the kit! If you have a 8 x 8 space then you are limited to kits that can fit into that space.  For most people this is not a problem.  If you however, have an irregular shaped space then you may not be able to find stock kit that will fit. You can get custom designed sauna kits at a premium price.

The most important thing to be watchful of when ordering a home sauna kit is to make sure that you know exactly what is included. Specifically you want to know what heater(s) are included. Infrared sauna kits typically come with the heater.

Also you will need to know what electrical requirements the sauna kit has. Make sure that you know in advance what electrical requirements your sauna will have and arrange for an electrician to have the wiring ready when your kit arrives.

Sauna Kits are great for getting a proffessional looking sauna completed in next to no time at all.


Enjoy your sauna in good health! 

The 2 Person Alpine Infrared Sauna by Brighton

We received this review of the Brighton 2 Person Alpine Infrared Sauna from one a member of our community. Evan has certainly done his research and provides great detail on his experience in purchasing this home sauna.

Considering a home sauna?

In many countries it is considered essential that every home have a sauna. In others it is considered a luxury spa items similar to a hot tub or pool.

Considering installing a sauna in your home? It may be easy then you think.