Steam Shower Generator Kits

Residential steam generators are surprising affordable and easy way to improve your well-being in the comfort of your home.

Residential steam shower generator kits for sale

Why Should You Bother With a Steam Shower?

You take a regular shower – I hope. Why take a steam shower?

A steam shower benefits you in many ways. You're able to indulge in a hot shower, but when you’re in a steam shower, you’re going even further by helping your body on a daily basis.

Steam showers are the next best thing you can do for your body behind dieting and exercising.

Steam showers are right for you because they:

·        Promote deep sleep. Forget tossing and turning when you can increase REM sleep cycles with a steam shower.

·        Relieve stress and improve your circulation.

·        Burn up to 150 calories per steam shower to further aid in your diet and exercise routine.

·        Loosen up stiff muscles, recover faster from strenuous workouts and break down lactic acid inside of the muscles.

·        Help reduce allergies by opening up those clogged nasal passages that make it difficult to breathe.

·        Cleanse your skin, fight acne and do it all with a 15-minute steam shower that uses just two gallons of water compared to the 40 gallons you use with a regular shower.

And those are just the main reasons that you should considering installing a residential steam shower in your home.